What’s Included ?

We get a lot of questions about exactly what is included in the price.

What Is Included

Wall logs

All wall logs are indivual tongue and groove pine, that fit together and interlock at the corners. They are untreated and will need to be kept dry until you can treat them with preservative and then paint or stain. Take a look at the making your cabin page.

Floor bearers

The sheds, cabins and houses all come with tantalized floor bearers, that your cabin sits on, holding your cabin 70mm off the ground. These are 70mm x 70mm under the walls of the cabin, and 70mm x 45mm under the floor of the cabin.

Windows and doors

All cabins of 34mm wall thickness and above come with double glazed doors and windows fitted as standard.  For 44mm and above, these are our Premium tilt and turn double glazed windows and doors, with rain strips. ( see doors and windows )  These are already hung in their frames, and they simply slot into place as you are building the walls (see making your cabin.)


The flooring is an industry leading 28mm thick tongue and groove pine. Very hard wearing, and thicker than most on the market today.

Roof purlins

These provide the strength for the roof, and lie from the front to the back of the cabin and rest in grooves in the external and internal walls. They vary in size and shape depending on the cabin, and if they are very long, they will come in sections that slot and screw together.

Roof boards

Our roof boards are 19mm tongue and groove pine and are nailed onto the roof purlins.



What Isn’t Included


We do not supply any insulation with our self built ranges.  You must purchase this yourself from a builders merchant.

Roofing Material

You will have to supply your own roofing, as this is not supplied with the cabins. See Roofing

Please be aware that most cabins don’t come with individual plans.  All instructions you should need will be on this page making your cabin.

If you need help when putting up the cabin, please do contact us.

It doesn’t include any fittings, furniture, or soft furnishings and guttering etc, unless otherwise stated.

Full Instructions

Be aware that the cabin does not come with individual instructions. It comes with a cutting list, and plans showing you where each log goes, and has full measurements shown. We do however, have a comprehensive page on our site, with images, to show you how to put it together, so make yourself familiar with it.

Take a look HERE