Terms and Conditions

Please make sure that you read through our FAQ section about delivery, how to build the base and the cabin, how to treat it etc.

As far as terms and conditions are concerned, they are quite simple:

We sell cabins and homes supplied by logcabins.lv  We are one of their certified dealers. They are a long standing company with a great reputation, but if you do have any problems or issues with your product, we will liaise with them to rectify any problems.

Please note that our prices may change without warning, due to fluctuations in the Euro and cost of raw materials, and we may have to alter prices.

With the delivery, we use Cammack Haulage, who are also a very reputable firm.  If your delivery has any damage, we will liaise with them on how to rectify any problems.

Also, whilst we aim to get your cabin to you in around 5 – 8 weeks, we have no control over the mill, so if they are busy we cannot be held liable if you have to wait a little longer. Our cabins come with a simple breakdown of where each log goes, but the logs are not labelled. If you have difficulties please just get in touch with us.

We therefore cannot be held personally responsible for any problems you may encounter, but we always make sure our customers are happy by liaising with each company to bring a speedy and satisfactory result.