If you see a cabin you like, just get in touch with us.

Because it is a substantial ammount of money, most customers simply email us or call us to go through the ordering process.  You may have questions, or want to have your cabin made slightly differently, or have a window added etc, and this is the case with most orders that we take.

What happens next

Once we have your order, we invoice you. Once payment has cleared we send the order to the mill to start the process.

The mill come up with detailed plans, with a full breakdown and cutting list.  This is to show how the cabin will be made, the exact measurements and where everything goes.  We send this to you for you to OK, and at this stage any slight adjustments can be made.

Once you are completely happy, we tell the mill, and they will start producing your order.  The wood is cut and shaped, the windows made and packaged together ready for shipping.

We will let you know when your cabin should be being delivered,and although this can vary somewhat due to the long journey it has to make, we keep you as up to date as possible.

We liase with Cammacks Haulage to arrange delivery to your property, and once the cabin has arrived in the UK, Cammacks will contact you to arrange a good day to deliver.

From beginning to end, the order takes around 6 weeks.

Be sure to find out about delivery too.