Mobile Home / Static Caravan

A mobile home cannot be any bigger than 6.8 metres wide by 20 metres long and have no more than 3.05 metres internal height.

What’s the law with a mobile home?

Mobile homes are exempt from building regulations, so you don’t need to worry about confusing legislation, you just need to have it insulated and easy to live in. All that is needed is a certificate of lawful development to site a caravan within the curtilage of the garden, and its use be incidental to the main property.

Added to this, the concrete base for a mobile home is also exempt from building regulations.

Our mobile homes can be made a few different ways. The most popular are made from double walls, so an internal 44mm wooden wall, then an 11cm gap ( with solid Kingspan insulation ) and then an exterior 44mm wooden wall. Much the same as our Holiday Lodge.

You can also have them made from glu-lam wood logs, and then have them finished with red cedar on the outside, depending on your budget.

They also have residential grade, double glazed windows and doors.

You can choose to have the home delivered as a kit (without the roofing or insulation) or you can have us erect it on site and fully insulate and roof it too, depending on your budget and expertise.

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Dont forget that your cabin can be designed however you like see here.