Holiday Accommodation

Holiday Lodges

This is one of our recent holiday lodges for a customer in the Isle of Wight.

The cabin is 7m x 11m, has 3 bedrooms and sleeps 8. It is a double walled 44mm bespoke cabin, allowing for insulation to be fitted into the cavity. To keep the height down, a simple pent roof was used, sloping gently from front to back.

This cabin is available to buy in kit form, just like all of our cabins. If you like the look of it, you can even stay in it by getting in touch with the lovely people at Toms Eco Lodge.


Camping Pods

Very popular right now are our Camping Pods. They make a sound investment, as they are self contained units, insulated and ready to be used year round. They have a great return and the potential to be hired out all year.

They can be moved by fork lift, so are simple to reposition if needed, and can simply be sat on railway sleepers on flat ground. The 6m version can sleep 4-6 people in comfort.

They are clad in Siberian Larch, have metal roofing, residential grade windows and doors and require no planning permission. Find out more here


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Make it to your own design

All of our cabins are built to order. This means you can have a cabin designed just for you. You can have a single or double skin cabin made up to your own specifications. Cabins can be up to 5.9m wide, and you can have any depth that you like.

We have several sizes of window and door to chose from. All 44mm cabins and above come with our Premium tilt and turn windows ( see doors and windows )