A Bespoke Cabin

tabletopWe do offer a bespoke design service.  You can have a single or double skin cabin made up to your own specifications.

We have several sizes of window and door to chose from.  All 44mm cabins and above come with our Premium tilt and turn windows ( see doors and windows )

Please take a look below at a rough guide on the information we will need from you.

What we need from you:

  • The wall thickness.  You can have 34mm, double 34mm, 44mm, double 44mm and 70mm.
  • Window and door sizes. Chose from the list below.
  • A plan. Please draw out a plan, similar to the one shown here. If you need a hand, then please get in touch.
  • Your address and contact details. In order to work out a delivery price we will need your delivery address.

Be sure to to look into planning restrictions in your area.  Most cabins under 2.5m do not require planning permission, but do check first!
Also, the maximum depth of an internal room without support is 5.5m.

Once you have all the information together, please email us, or call us to discuss your order.

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Window and door sizes:

Windows and doors are all pre-hung in their frames ( see our “making your cabin” page in our FAQ section)


The sizes for the windows are (height mm  x width mm ) :

single windows (ie toilet)  either 500 x 500 or 600 x 600

Shallow single window 560 x 1120

Standard window 1130 x 710

longer windows  1260 x 710

extra long 1520 x 710

Double windows are 1130 x 1310


The sizes for the doors are (height mm  x width mm ) :

Single doors are 1930 x 830  (3/4 glazed)

Double doors 1930 x 1410  ( 3/4 glazed)